Lastly, she requested knowledge on the number of women members of the judiciary. 19.Lastly, she wished to know why Latvia had issued no publications on women’s rights under international instruments, particularly the Convention, and urged it to do so. It would be helpful to be taught whether or not the human rights publications which had been issued a minimum of included a gender dimension.

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stated that additional particulars ought to be provided on any programmes to coach the regulation enforcement agencies, the police and judiciary, and health staff in coping with violence in opposition to women. The report confirmed that the perspective of all these entities and people decided whether and how women reported violence to the police. It was unclear whether or not there was a programme to sensitize the general public to that problem. The report mentioned a patriarchal angle in the direction of women that was prevalent in Latvia; gender stereotyping was one reason for violence in opposition to women. Temporary special measures have been needed, such as efforts to implement gender-delicate training, since, Latvia’s instructional system still promoted gender segregation. She welcomed the Law on Advertising, which prohibited gender discrimination, but gender-discriminatory recruitment policies were not being penalized. If it was really the case that television commercials and different media did not depict women as intercourse objects, then that was very laudable, however it would be useful to know whether there was any censorship board overseeing such matters.

34.More information can be appreciated on the national machinery for women’s rights and human rights, and likewise on the role of NGOs in that respect. A studying of paragraphs 34 and 35 of the report confirmed how necessary it was for all actions to be applied concurrently, with the national equipment coordinating all of the efforts.


From 1917 onwards, women may be admitted as full-time college students in Universities. This serves as a contrast to the rights of Latvian women underneath the rule of the Russian empire. The chief motive of the ladies making an attempt to get elected into the parliament was the passing of laws that might grant equal rights beneath the civil and labour regulation. In the first Constitutional Assembly, 5 out of the one hundred fifty elected members had been women. However, this number dropped within the elections of the First Saeima in 1922 and it wasn’t till 1931, that the primary woman deputy, Berta Pīpiņa, was elected into the Parliament.

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requested clarification of the nationwide machinery for gender equality and of whether or not the proposed centre for the promotion of gender equality was a brand new mechanism or the identical because the Gender Equality Council. As there have been 33 women’s NGOs in Latvia, the reporting State should explain the reason for the apparently special relationship between the Government and the Latvian Association for Gender Equality particularly. She would be grateful for particulars on whether or not the Government had a formal relationship with NGOs or whether or not they had been integrated right into a council, and whether or not they worked on projects on an ad hoc foundation. asked whether Latvia had any intention of bringing its Constitution into line with the Convention by together with a definition of discrimination. Details must be provided on the gender equality initiatives already carried out and the efforts beneath way to make sure the total implementation of the laws enacted to protect women’s rights. She would additionally recognize information on steps the Latvian Government had taken to raise women’s awareness of such legal guidelines.

stated she absolutely appreciated that Latvia’s current political priorities had been to attain membership of the European Union and NATO, however that the precedence for the Committee was the State celebration’s contractual obligations under the Convention. 6.Latvia’s traditional cultural base was the patriarchal peasant household, in which women had been highly respected, however had been considered primarily as mothers. The affect of Christian traditions and canon regulation tended to bolster that custom. Women had enjoyed political and civil rights on an equal foundation with men from the inspiration of the Republic of Latvia in 1918 to its annexation by the former Soviet Union in 1940. The gender equality practised during the Soviet interval had often ignored women’s particular physiological and psychological needs.

During her time in the Parliament, Berta Pīpiņa advocated legislative changes which would protect women’s rights. During the Inter-struggle period, women earned considerably lower than their male counterparts. Due to longstanding stereotypes of lady’s place at home, as a mother and a wife, women had been discovering it tough to achieve senior positions. Between the two world wars, marriage and fertility have been on a decline. From 1940 to 1945 Latvia was occupied both by the Soviets and the Nazis. As per the ideologies of Communism and Nazism, women took on an necessary civic position during each of those occupations.

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expressed concern on the lack of data on violence towards women and authorities measures take care of it, since gender-based violence was a form of discrimination and a critical hindrance to equality between women and men. She wondered whether the dearth of a selected law in that respect needed to do with the Government considering domestic life to be a personal sphere. The report mentioned cooperation between the police and a disaster centre, and it will be useful to know how many crisis centres there have been and in addition whether or not there were shelters. She puzzled whether or not particular coaching was offered for the judiciary and regulation enforcement businesses on gender-based violence and how many feminine officers there were within the police pressure.

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During the occupation of the Soviets, women had been considered a vital part of the workforce. Under the Nazis, conventional gender roles have been re-enforced with women taking over the position of a wife and a mother as soon as again. expressed appreciation for the Committee’s thorough reading of her Government’s report, its interest in gender equality in Latvia and the useful questions raised. Through a common effort, Latvia ought to have the ability to obtain equal rights in accordance with worldwide requirements.